Airtel Unlimited Data Plan, N500 for 28 days and N200 for 10 days


This Airtel Unlimited package was launched about 3 years ago but many abandoned the plan due to it was difficult to opt-out of the plan. Even the network don’t talk or tweet about it. The Unlimited N200 or N500 plan only works on 2G Network.

Airtel unlimited data

When you activate this plan, you can only use it when you switch to 2G Only; This is a cheap data that i’m sure will serve a lot of customers. Below are the things you need to know about this plans;


6 Things To Know About Airtel Unlimited Data Plans

1. It only works on 2G network

2. It works on all devices except smartphone or modem that doesn’t support 2G network

3. It is an old plans that still work

4. Upon subscription, it automatically deactivate any existing data plan

5. No matter your network strength, It must still need to be set to 2G Only; unless it wouldn’t work

6. N200 Unlimited pack lasts you for 10days and N500 unlimited pack last you for 28 days.

How Can I Subscribe To This Plan?

  • This data plan has been in existence for years but only few subscribers are using it. You can Activate by dialing *482#
  • To Opt-Out Dial *482# and Replying by Pressing 3

NOTE: I will advice you to get another Airtel SIM to Use for this Data Plan, In other to avoid long heart touching stories.

Hope It Helps?


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