How To Hide Messages and Private Chat On WhatsApp


This post is definitely for someone who feel like hiding their Private Chats for security reasons. At times we notice friends / partners go through our WhatsApp messages. You might decide to Hide those important chat and keep it away from eyes of friends.

This Post will show you how to get started in hiding your WhatsApp Chats. I know in Modded version this feature is enabled but this is for those who uses the Official WhatsApp version. I hope many will find it useful.


How To Hide Private Chat on WhatsApp

We are using this Feature Called “Archived Chat“, This feature allows you to hide a conversation from your Chats screen and access it later. You can Hide either Groups or Individual chats using the Archive Feature.


1. 1. In the Chats screen, tap and hold the chat you wish to hide.

2. On the top bar, tap Archive, As shown below

Hide Whatsapp chat

In conclusion, the chat is now archived and won’t appear on your Chats screen.

How To Unarchive Or View Your Archived Chats

1. Scroll to the bottom of the Chats screen and tap Archived, As shown below

Hide WhatsApp

2. You will now see the Hidden Chat.

3. To Unarchived, Tap and hold the chat that you wish to unarchive.

4. On the top bar, tap Unarchive

NOTE: You can archive/ Hide Your chats as many as you can. Those Chats you want to make private.

In addition, To Further Complete this process, you can “Hide Lock Screen Preview” depending on the type of device you are using. See Procedure below to Hide Lock Screen Preview;

Go to Settings>> Privacy>>

Click on Lock screen>> and select Hide sensitive content

Once done, messages from WhatsApp and any other messaging app will always appear has hidden messages until you unlock your smartphone. Finally You can Use The Third-Party App below to Lock and set password on any Apps on your phones.


You can now download Norton app lock: it allows you to lock any apps on your smartphone with a secured password or pattern lock. Whatever app you deem sensitive enough can be locked with Norton App lock.

After Downloading and Installation; => Now Set your password or Pattern Lock and choose WhatsApp in the list of apps on your phone. The chat messenger will now be locked and nobody will be able to access it except you.

Hope This Helps?


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