MTN InstaVoice Service: For Receiving and Listening To Voicemail for Free


MTN has launched a service called InstaVoice Service. This a voicemail service which offers you the ability to receive voice messages from other people when your phone is busy, not reachable, switched off or even when not answering.

All You Need To Know About the InstaVoice Service

Below Are the Things to first Note about the Service;

  • Receiving and listening to Voicemail is FREE i.e. when you receive an SMS notification, you will not be charged for listening to the message.You will only be charged normal call rates when you SEND voice messages.
  • Both on-net and off-net lines can leave Voicemail Messages for Provisioned lines and the service will be accessible to customers as long as their SIM is valid.
  • You can listen to your voicemails by dialing 400 from their phones whenever their phone is available.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About InstaVoice Service

Who is Eligible?

The InstaVoice Service is available to all MTN customers on Prepaid and Post-paid plans.

Who Can Subscribe To InstaVoice Service?

You do not need to subscribe to the InstaVoice Service as all MTN lines are provisioned on the service hence there will be no need to send any code to subscribe and will not be charged for being on the Service.

How It Works

When “A- party” calls “B -party” who is active on InstaVoice and is not reachable, switched off or out of network coverage, “A- party” will hear the prompt:

The number you are calling is switched off/busy/not answering. To send an InstaVoice message at regular call charges, please stay on the line, otherwise hang-up now… At the tone record your message”.

At the tone, the Caller will record the message and hang up. The Voicemail is sent after the Caller hangs up and normal call rates will be charged for sending Voice messages.

How To Stop Receiving InstaVoice

You can stop receiving the InstaVoice, Simply dial ##004# from their mobile phones for free.

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