Opera Browser: Introducing Free Unlimited inbuilt VPN For Android


Opera introduces a free virtual private network (VPN) in a the beta version of Android browser. The interesting thing here is that you don’t need to download separate browser to get the VPN – Because it’s built-in into the Opera browser itself.

The built-in VPN has been available for Opera Desktop for a while but now its coming to Android Users.


How The Opera VPN Works

This Opera Feature, Once enabled will replace your IP address with a virtual private IP address. It will be difficult for website to track your location or even your device. You can choose location between Europe, Asia and America. it also comes with an Optimal mode which lets the VPN choose the best connection for your location.

In other to know if its connected. you can enable your search engine and detect your region for more search result. In addition you can also enable the VPN for Private tabs only. According to Opera – the VPN is a no-log service as the company won’t collect information that goes through network servers, which is good news for privacy advocates.

Currently its is still under Beta testing mode. It will gradually be rolled out for Andriod browser.


Where To Download Opera Beta

You can download directly. (Download Here) to enjoy before the official roll out.

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