WhatsApp Introducing FingerPrint Authentication Feature


WhatsApp introducing new feature dubbed “FingerPrint Authentication” We should also expect to see many updates from WhatsApp in this 2019. The Fingerprint Authentication feature is currently under development mode.

Once the Fingerprint Option is enabled, the App will be protected completely. Before a friend can access your whatsapp, The person will need to authenticate his identity (from the app icon, from the notification or from external pickers).


In addition, The feature will protect the entire app, meaning you can’t use it to lock specific conversations. The company is also rumored to be working on implementing Face ID and Touch ID for iOS. There will be a section in the app where users can enable the fingerprint authentication feature.



The Feature is available in alpha stage of development and it will be available in future for Android users running on Marshmallow Os and iOS users. Whatsapp is also working to improve the audio picker that will allow users to see the list of all available audio files stored in your phone. This development will enable user to play an audio before sending it and it is also possible to select more audio files to send.




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